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Amazon WEB Services

Amazon Web Services

Whether you’re looking for ad hoc support or fully-outsourced management of your entire cloud environment, Vistal Tech offers end-to-end, tiered support plans tailored to meet the needs of your business. Vistal Tech’s AWS Managed Services provide flexibility to scale your services, pay only what you use, and enjoy availability of over 99.99% with 24/7 integrated support services, including application and network monitoring, backup, and disaster recovery. Pay-as-you-grow pricing and a monthly payment plan provides the elasticity you need as demand scales in and out over time. Our broad portfolio of cloud consulting and managed services allows us to deliver an integrated approach encompassing every aspect of your cloud environment—compute, storage, network, application, security, and backup.

Vistal Tech: Delivering a better experience

Vistal Tech’s Managed Services also allows you to stay ahead of your competitors. As new cloud technologies emerge to disrupt the market, we automatically work with you to take advantage of them, embedding them into your core services and accelerating time-to-value.

Smooth Migration

We’ll take ownership and migrate your applications and data to Azure with zero impact on your users.

Hybrid Deployment

If required, we’ll seamlessly and securely connect your data centre to the Azure Cloud.

High Availability

Leveraging the autoscaling and Multi-AZ capabilities of AWS, we’ll deliver the reliability you demand

Cloud Security

We’ll establish end-to-end security from the cloud to your endpoints to protect you and your business.

Cloud Extensions

We’ll extend your capabilities to include backup/DR, blockchain, and machine learning.

Cloud Governance

We’ll help establish overall governance by defining goals, scope of service, and success metrics.

Self-Service OpsNow

Take control and optimize complex hybrid cloud billing with our innovative self-service financial portal.

24×7 Support

We’ll provide monitoring and operational support for your cloud with prompt issue resolution.
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